We strive to be a bold community of Christ followers who love sacrificially, 

hope eternally, and live prophetically. 



We exist to cultivate followers of Jesus Christ who are Christ centered, Justice Driven, Culturally Conscientious, Community Oriented and Spirit Led.

  • christ centered

    Maggie McCracken

    As a person who came to faith as an adult, Lighthouse's commitment to being Christ centered is especially important to me. There is so much to learn about the Lord-who He is, how He loves and the grace He gives. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, Lighthouse invites you to get to know Christ and His sacrifice for our salvation.  It is this sacrifice that binds us as believers and encourages us as we look to understand more fully the plans He calls us toward.

    Romans 1:16 "because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes"

  • Justice driven

    ebony johanna adedayo

    Lighthouse is a church that is committed to pursuing justice in our city! In a time of #blacklivesmatter and persistent racial disparities in housing, unemployment, mass incarceration, and more, we believe that the Church has a responsibility to prophetically call for the righting of these wrongs that affect communities of color. We believe that it is not enough to call for peace and reconciliation without simultaneously holding institutions accountable for the harm that they have done to our communities. Joined together by the Holy Spirit, we commit to walking hand in hand with the body of believers to anchor justice in the here and now as we anxiously await the coming Kingdom of God where no one will ever be discriminated against because of the color of their skin.

  • culturally conscientious

    cecil mcintosh

    To be culturally conscientious is to be versed in the elements that make humans cultural-beings. The way we eat, dress, receive information, whether we are male, female, old or young, Native american, or West African; each aspect of our identities impact the way we understand one another and society. Cultural competency is important to my faith, because I see it as crucial to my call to be a follower of Jesus Christ. That call means that I honor the aspects of our cultures that make us the unique and the incredible beings God has called us to be. Yet challenge those aspects of culture that denigrate and deny others from experiencing the freedom found in God and in community.

  • Community oriented

    hope Ledeboer-Smith

    Lighthouse is a church committed to cultivating followers of Christ who are community-oriented. As a resident on the Northside and the Metro Director of Young Life, I believe that engaging and caring for your community is something God calls us to be passionate about. In Acts 1 God calls us to witness to our communities and all over the world. But we must start by loving those in our communities and offering them the love of the Creator. I love Lighthouse's commitment to the Northside of Minneapolis! 

  • spirit led

    gary Shackleford

    Romans 8:14 states "all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons and daughters of God." God's spirit is the tangible presence of God that leads every believer into freedom and truth. I honor Lighthouse's commitment to the corporate discernment of God's Spirit, both the teaching and praxis of what it means to be led by God's spirit.